When you’re saving up for something special, is it always very satisfying when you finally get your hands on that coveted item. It doesn’t matter whether it is a book or an apartment. Seven-year-old Sabastian Lucas learned this lesson at a very young age.

A little boy was brought to tears when his parents surprised him with a very special gift.

Ever since he rode a horse for the first time at 4 yrs old, Sabastian Lucas has wanted a family horse. But instead of continuously begging, he decided to work hard for it. So for the past two years the Queensland boy toiled tirelessly making lemonade and selling it outside his family home attempting to save up enough money to buy a horse of his very own.

Sabastian saved every dollar he made from the lemonade stand and accumulated nearly $3000 all by himself.

Due to his unwavering motivation, Sabastian’s hard work came to fruition when his Mom surprised him with a very special gift that she had secretly delivered while he was in school. The 7-year-old was rendered speechless when he walked into his family’s barn on Tuesday to find Tom Boy, a Welsh mountain pony… it was a moment he’d dreamt of his whole life.


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