Dogs are family – and we all know that as dog owners.

But what happens if your dog is left unable to move one day – are you just going to abandon it?

We should all learn from Craig, who tried to ease his best friend’s pain by being there for him till the very end.

A man named Craig and his dog Loois are shown enjoying their daily walk. What you didn’t know is that Loois is paraplegic, in which his legs and lower body are both left permanently paralyzed due to an unfortunate incident. Instead of abandoning him, Craig decided to invent a useful hip pad to ease Loois’s movements – which only costs $35 to make

Alright, the thing is, this guy has the coolest dog, named Loois. Loois is a pit bull who obviously is the light of Craig’s life because he brings so much sunshine into it. However, there is something else that you need to know.

A while back, Loois had to go through a surgical procedure and during the operation, things took a turn for the worse. The nice doggie became a paraplegic, but Craig just isn’t the sort of person who gives up on a pet that he adores so much. So, he decided to get a little creative!

When you listen to him describing the love that he has for Loois and the good times they’ve spent with one another, it’s easy to tell that he doesn’t have one single regret at all for adopting Loois and keeping him, even after his unfortunate accident.

As a matter of fact, it’s as though Loois provides Craig with some extraordinary inner strength. When it comes to Loois’s handicap, any other solution would have cost him over $200, but this clever fellow has come up with a device that cost a mere $35. That’s a pretty good deal!

Check out the video below!

I truly salute these two – what a pair they make!

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