There are tons of us out there who know what it’s like for a pet to go missing. You can put out flyers, scour the neighborhood and beyond with friends and family, and put food out on your back porch in the hopes that they’ll find their way back with a little help from a hearty meal.

Yet, sometimes, that pet is gone for so long that you resign yourself to the fact that you’re never going to see him or her again.

When this family’s cat went missing, none of them gave up hope. The four children, especially, knew they’d see their cat again. After days, then weeks, then two whole months, these boys and their sisters knew that someday, they’d see their family pet again.

One day, while Mom was out on an errand, she spotted something that didn’t seem possible. By the gas station, there was their cat wandering around, calmly following two other children.

She brought her home to show her kids and set up a little surprise.

The eldest son’s reaction truly is so genuine and priceless. He clearly loves his pet!


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