Dalmatian with giant belly is about to give birth, when the pups are born, vet realizes his big mistake. 

If you love Disney movies, you might be familiar with 101 Dalmatians. The animated movie from 1966 is a classic now, and one of the most beloved ones of all time.

The animated movie was also adapted into a live-action movie in the 1900s. It was a great hit, and is still loved by kids even today. The Dalmatian in the following story might not be the fictional Pongo or Perdita, but she is sure to blow you away!

On May 18 this year, Dalmatian Miley was becoming a mom for the first time. Miley and the father of the puppies, Astor, were clearly eager to see their puppies for the first time.

The veterinarian who had done the ultrasound had said that Miley was carrying three puppies in her belly.

But owner Cecilia Langton-Bunkergot was in for the surprise of her life when there seemed to be no end to the number of puppies that her dog was delivering.

Miley ended up giving birth to 18 puppies together! That’s right—18 of them! Now that is quite a huge litter. Thankfully, all the puppies are healthy and are now doing well.

They all survived, and take turns feeding from their mom. Sometimes things get so hectic that Miley’s owners have to pitch in feeding the pups, as she can’t feed them all herself. What an amazing story!

The case has been compared to the infamous Disney Classic ‘101 Dalmatians’. Miley may not have quite delivered 101, but 18 is still no easy feat.

Take a look at the 18 miracles in the clip below. Isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


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