16 Dogs Who Cannot Possibly Be Comfortable


    Dogs always seem to come up with a new napping position that just looks brutally uncomfortable. But somehow, they seem perfectly content. Here are 16 dogs that cannot possibly be comfortable…

    1) “One chair is not enough!”

    2) “What? I love my food.”

    3) “You didn’t need this, did you?”

    4) “Hrrmmpphhh, there we go…”

    5) “My chiropractor said this is good for my back.”

    6) “Don’t mind me!”

    7) “Ahhh. Zzzzzzzz…..”

    8) “Never seen a napping dog before?”

    9) “Feet in the face, head in the clouds.”

    10) “Don’t judge me.”

    11) “Sorry, you won’t be able to use the stairs for four to six hours.”

    12) “I don’t understand why you are so grossed out…”

    13) “Yep. Found my new spot.”

    14) “I LOVE the new coffee table.”

    15) “You have your waterbed, I have mine.”

    16) “Now I won’t miss a thing!”

    So funny and so true! If this made you smile, share it with your friends.


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