It’s a sad fact that not every dog will be born into a loving home – so many are born on the streets or are abandoned early on by their owners. Kelsey was one of these dogs.

She spent the early years of her life wandering the streets, living off scraps, and barely finding enough food to stay alive. That life took a dreadful toll on her body and spirit. What rescuers found her on the side of a road, she barely even resembled a dog.


Here is where Kelsey was found.

She was skinny, covered with wounds and had almost lost her coat completely.

You could see in her eyes that she had almost no hope left and she stepped into the car without any struggle.

Here she is at the veterinary hospital, a totally new environment for Kelsey.

Finally, she had enough to eat and drink.

The vets were shocked when they saw Kelsey.

But they decided to do everything they could to get her back on her feet.

It didn’t take long before Kelsey began to feel better and her spirits were up.

She made new friends as well.

She started to relax as she realized that she didn’t need to be on guard all the time. Step by step, she left her tough life on the streets behind.

Her fur grew back.

She gained some weight.

Today, Kelsey has fully recovered and lives in a loving home.

Isn’t she beautiful, now?

All dogs deserve a safe home!

Can you believe that’s the same dog from the first photo? I’m always amazed at the incredible things that can happen with the right amount of love and dedication. I’m sure Kelsey will experience nothing but love and happiness for the rest of her life. She deserves it.

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