Man Sold His Dog To A Complete Stranger Online, Now The World Is Shocked


    Have you ever seen an ad for an animal online that reads “free to a good home?” How do you determine if the people that offer to take the animal are indeed going to give the animal the proper care it needs? Well, the simple fact is that you can’t. People lie, and people cheat. You can’t trust a complete stranger with your pet.

    There are many (way too many) horror stories about pets being abused and mistreated by the people who said they would take care of them. Please take your unwanted pet to a shelter, there you can be assured they will be cared for properly, and a good home will be found. If you are thinking about getting a pet – adopt one from your local shelter!Image result for michael vick dog fighting

    Rescue dogs (and cats) are the best pets! I would know, I have one rescue dog and five former shelter cats in my home! Share away, people.


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