Old Dog With Blindness Gains Contact Lenses And Sees The World Again


    When an elderly Pit Bull named Gremlin began to lose his sight, life literally became obscure to him quickly. He was taken to cataract surgery but backfired, and he was completely blind in one eye and had an insignificant vision in the other.

    His optic nerves could not sustain surgery, so now the blind Gremlin was unable to walk around the house. He used to bump into the walls, getting more depressed every day.

    Slowly, Gremlin stopped playing with his canine brothers. He would be frightened by little noises and, most of the time would remain quiet in the corner.

    His parents could not bear to see the playful dog depressed like that. Then they consulted the doctor again. The doctor recommended a risk transplant. But considering the previous failure, they did not want another surgery.

    Finally, they decided to try human lenses for Gremlin. Despite a raw idea, they wanted to try anyway to make Gremlin happy again. They asked for a high-powered lens and put it on Gremlin for the first time.

    Here’s the video of them putting Gremlin’s contact lenses for the first time:

    Surprisingly, the trick worked! The moment Gremlin sees his parents again is so touching to the heart. With all his fears gone, he instantly turned into the happy and fun dog he always was!

    Click the video below to see Gremlin exploring his home for the first time after receiving his contact lenses!



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