Searching for information about Pomsky for sale? Read on. The internet has spawned many short-lived crazes over the years, but the interest in the new toy and sled dog mix, the quaintly named Pomsky, seems to be here to stay. When the images of the Pomeranian Husky first emerged online, many thought they were of young Siberian Huskies.  At the realization that the medium sized Husky look-alikes were a crossbreed with Pom blood in them, dog lovers across the world became griped with the desire to own or at least see a Pomsky in person. While wonderfully cherubic, these dogs are very rare to find in the market. So, serious dog owners have to spend some time and effort to find a Pomsky and verify their quality and health themselves. Here we talk about the basics of buying a Pomsky puppy, so you can know what to look for.
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Pomsky For Sale


Pomsky For Sale – How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Pomsky?

There are many factors that contribute to the pricing of a designer dog like the Pomeranian Husky mix. They can be expensive at a starting price of $800. Depending on the quality and pedigree, the price can go up to $5000 or more.

Pomsky for Sale1. The number of breeders in the market – For a new cross-breed like the Pomsky, good breeders are scarce. It’s a pretty big gamble to begin a breeding program when it has only existed for a few years. There are many consequences of crossing breeds that only come to light several generations later. It becomes an investment of time, money, and good-will that can all go down the drain if it turns out that the crossing results in triggering certain genes that cause degenerative diseases. Even without the fear of poor genetic mixing, breeders hesitate to take up cross-breeding for fear that the public interest would fade and they would face a business loss. Then there are breeders who refuse to condone cross-breeding unless it is to create a new working dog. They hotly argue against mixing breeds to developing
pleasing canines, since many such ventures have resulted in breeds which live with features that make their lives difficult. The stunted legs of a dachshund or the flattened snout of a bulldog are prime examples.

Over time, breeders have tried to alleviate these issues by correcting the problematic genes but because of persistent public demand and strict Kennel Club rules that dictate the look of each breed, they have had little success. Other breeders object on grounds of health and ethics of mating dogs of disparate size and heritage. There is also an innate prejudice against mix breeds which makes some breeders suspicious of their temperaments and trainability. So, there are very few breeders willing to take up breeding Pomsky puppies, and even fewer are ethical and worth trusting. Therefore, the sheer scarcity of Pomeranian Husky puppies pushes their price up.

Pomsky For Sale2. The reputation of the breeder – A breeder’s reputation is built
over years of breeding puppies and being accountable for their health and temperament. A good trainer has a good facility, a veterinarian on call, provisions for exercising and training the dogs in his care, and sufficient experience in the field. He should also be willing to encourage buyers’ questions, open his facility for inspection, provide information about the history of the puppies’ parentage and why he chose the specific dogs to breed. Knowledgeable, trust-worthy breeders have years of study and experience behind their decisions to choose the mating pair. It’s important to only deal with a breeder who is ethical and accountable to prevent the abuse and mistreatment of dogs by pull mill owners.
The distinction between a puppy mill owners and a good breeder is in their care of the dogs. The former minimizes expenditure and maximizes profit at the cost of his dogs. He scrimps on necessary expenses such as adequate living spaces for the dogs, good food, the need to exercise and socialize the dogs, inoculations, dewormings, and veterinary check-ups. Dogs in puppy mills are treated as disposable goods with no right to a good life. The puppies to come out of such a place usually have poor health and often grow up to suffer from preventable diseases. Pet stores are often guilty of selling puppies from such places, and anyone who wishes to shut down their puppy farms should not patronize them.

Finding an honest, reputable breeder is a matter of research and awareness. Look up your local listing for Pomsky breeders or check sites like the PetFinder. Once you locate the breeders, talk to them on the phone and ask to see their facilities and spend time with the dogs there. If you live too far away and can only visit the breeder once, take some time on your hands when you go. Talk to them about the parents of the puppies they are willing to sell. Find out if they can provide certifications of health and ancestry. Ask for a written guarantee of the health for puppy. A breeder who is reluctant to provide information and take responsibility for the quality of his litter is not to be trusted.

Pomsky for Sale3. The quality of the dam and sire – Breeding dogs of a specific mix is a vastly complicated thing. The choice of the mating pair, as well as the care and training of the puppies, are all matters that require much knowledge and experience. In this line, a failure to ensure the genetic health of either of the parent breeds results in a poor stock of puppies whose health and well-being are compromised. It’s not just a matter of money for breeders with a conscience. For every poorly bred puppy, there is a chance that they will sire a line of unhealthy dogs in the future. Not every owner is willing to neuter or spay their pet, and many owners wish to show their dogs. Since rules of the Kennel Clubs strictly dictate such matters, a neutered or spayed dog will not be allowed to participate in many events.
Even knowing that their dogs may pass on defective genes, many owners can’t resist mating them. Some do it to own a puppy from another generation of the dog they love, others do it because they believe that every dog should be mated. Therefore, when a breeder sells a Pomsky, he must be sure of the puppy’s genetic and physical health. If knowingly or unknowingly, he sells a puppy who carries an inherited disease, he is not only financially liable but ethically responsible for the suffering of the dog for the rest of his life. It also hurts the breeder’s reputation. To avoid such an occurrence and because of their love for the breeds they choose to work with, ethical breeders are extremely careful about the dogs they decide to mate and the puppies they put up for sale.

The Husky mother and Pomeranian father of your puppy must have records of disease free ancestry, regular vaccinations, and any prize they won in shows. While the last is less important in determining quality, many of the best dogs do get shown at Kennel Club events and win distinguished prizes for their appearance and behavior. They are also more likely to have had excellent health care purely for their value as show dogs. When talking to the breeder about the ancestry, ask for papers that show their registration, the shows they’ve won, if any, and a complete record of vaccinations and health certifications from a vet directly before the mating.

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Pomsky For Sale4. Distinctive features on pup – Pomsky puppies are in demand for their adorably miniature looks and likeness to their much-admired Husky dam. Their internet driven popularity ensures that every new owner comes looking for puppies with very specific appearance markers. This makes some puppies more valuable than others. There are Pomskies who favor their Pomeranian parents and ones who have a unique mixed look of their own. Their value, and the life they can subsequently have, depends on the way they look. In such a market, puppies that are smaller versions of their more famous parents are often the highest priced. Currently, a Pomeranian Husky puppy with the blue eyes associated with their Siberian sled dog dams have the highest value, especially when paired with a good lineage.

You can see different color Pomskies in the video:

With no regulatory body to decide the price of the mixed breed, and little oversight on the matter, each breeder sets his own price. Over time, when demand becomes predictable and stable, breeders understand the size of the market, and enough puppies become available that the prices set by them settle into a smaller range. While the most popular pure breed dogs in the country range between $300 to $1500, a Pomsky is a novelty which encourages breeders to ask for higher prices based on nothing more than coloring or the shape of the ears. Buyers need to be aware that with such cross breeds, negotiating the price is always possible. Breeders keep a sufficient markup to profit well on the price. If a breeder has the trifecta of quality, health, and looks in his litter of puppies, he’ll charge as high as possible, confident that buyers who value newest designer creations will be willing to pay the price.

When the shine fades a bit from the Pomeranian Husky allure, the prices will come down to a more reasonable place. In the meantime, if a Pomsky who looks exactly like the pictures on the net comes at a surprisingly low price, be wary. Chances are that the breeder has discovered that there is a defect in the litter and is cutting his losses by selling as low as possible. He’s unlikely to offer you papers or any guarantee. Remember that no matter how adorable and healthy the puppy looks now, a serious health condition means years of suffering for you and the dog, and all the money you save now will be wrenched out of you in medical expenses. With designer breeds, it’s always better to go to the breeders who offer all documents, are open about their facilities and care, and guarantee the puppy’s health for a year at least. They may charge you the moon, but you will get the dog you wanted.

Where to Buy Pomsky Puppies?

Pomsky for SaleWhen purchasing a Pomsky, it is best to avoid pet stores, since they patronize puppy mills. You are also unlikely to find a new designer dog like this one in just any pet store. Look up Pomskies on sites like PetFinder and PuppyFind, which narrow down breeders by location. You can also check out your local listings and the yellow pages. Avoid craigslist, unless you are willing to thoroughly investigate the breeder. Online adoption portals will often find you the name of breeders close to you, after which you have to do the leg work. It is also worth asking around about any trainers or breeders that your family or friends know about. Even if they don’t breed Pomsky puppies themselves, they will often know someone who does. This will have the added benefit of getting the recommendation of someone who knows your family or you socially. It builds accountability. Your local veterinarian may also know of Pomsky breeders. They often have the mating dam and sire brought to them for check-up, or the puppies for health examinations, and know which breeder has a healthy set of pups to sell.

Use these contacts to find reputable breeders but don’t solely rely on their word. Ask questions and verify the health of the puppies. Usually, breeders are selective about the pups that go into each home. They will judge you, just as you judge them. It is advisable to listen to their recommendations about the puppy you should take home. With their experience, they have a good idea about which pup’s personality will best suit the buyer’s lifestyle. Talk to them and be honest about your situation. Do you live alone, do you have kids, can you walk the dog daily? While a particularly sweet pup might catch your fancy at the breeder’s, he may also be the most energetic of the bunch. If you can’t accommodate that energy in your home, you’ll be in the unenviable position of needing to return or rehome the puppy.

That is a heart-wrenching situation that every breeder and owner should wish to avoid. Especially after the expense and effort you went into to purchase a Pomsky. It is also recommended to visit the breeder’s place more than once to be sure that all is as it appears. The pup in question may be playful one day and anxious another. You need to see them more than once to know what issues you should be aware of. An ethical, honest breeder will encourage multiple visits and answer any questions you have about the puppies and their care. Here’s it, everything you need to know about Pomsky for sale. When you decide to bring home a beautiful, unique little bundle of fur like the Pomeranian Husky, a little effort on your part will ensure that he is just the puppy you were looking for.

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