Are Pomskies Hypoallergenic? Although many breeders and kennel clubs promote the myth of the hypoallergenic dog, the truth is that there is no such breed. There are low shedding breeds, who are more suited to dog lovers with specific allergies, but no dog foregoes shedding completely – not even the hairless variety. Human allergic to dogs can be triggered by their dander, saliva, or urine. Therefore, not all allergies are related to the coat of the dog. There are many allergic individuals who live with heavy shedding breeds with little consequence.

However, if dog owners are allergic to their Pomskies’ dander, they need to be prepared to carry out a regimented schedule of grooming and bathing their dogs. If they can minimize the hair lying about the house, and the dander floating in the air, by regular vacuuming and use of air filters, owning a full-coated dog is perfectly possible those with mild allergies.

Pomskies can grow up to favor either of their pure breed parents, but their coats are always thick and double coated. Allergic dog owners and those who dislike the idea of cleaning their homes too frequently should be aware that the Pomsky cross breed sheds their undercoat completely once a year. During this period, dog owners will have to resign themselves to some unavoidable hairballs and dander in their homes. For those dog lovers who suffer from severe allergies, it’s probably best not to buy a Pomsky.

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