Pomskies are an expensive designer dog breed, which have recently become popular after several viral videos and images made the rounds of the net. At an average a Pomeranian Husky mix can cost around $1200, but individual breeders may prize their puppies at $3000 to $5000 each. While these numbers may seem unusually high, Pomskies are a novelty at the moment and people are willing to fork over ridiculous amounts for the pride of ownership. Those who are enamored of Pomeranians or the Siberian Husky but find the breeds unsuitable for their lifestyle, sometimes decide that the Pomsky is a perfect match for their homes. For these people, it becomes imperative to own the puppy, no matter the cost.

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What determines the price of a Pomsky?

How much do Pomskies CostMany factors determine the cost of a Pomeranian Husky puppy. Cross breeding is not very popular amongst most breeders. Most professionals specialize in breeding certain bloodlines and dislike the idea of mixing heritage. Both sides of the argument have valid points, and it’s a long and complicated debate that has been acted out many times. While every pure breed dog was once a cross between two other breeds, these days most breeders prefer maintaining established lines. New cross breeds are rarely created, unless it is for a specific purpose like the working dog breed, Euro-hound.

The only other type of crossbreeds that exist today are “designer” dogs like the Pomsky who are mixed to achieve a specific look or temperament. There are many risks involved in mixing two breeds and most breeders can’t afford to invest in the resources necessary to successfully create a litter of healthy Pomsky puppies, who may or may not grow up to develop the physical traits which attract customers.

While breeders can put any price they want on the puppies, the risk-reward ratio is highly skewed towards failure. Any new crossbreed will have many problems that the professional will have to breed out of the line. They will have to spend a few years selectively breeding for height, appearance, marking, health, and temperament to end up with really good quality puppies. When they set the price tag, they count all of these as overheads.

How to buy a Pomsky?

How much do Pomskies CostThere are many breeders who decide to forego the necessary steps and only focus on breeding a litter of Pomskies who look as close to the ones most popular with dog lovers. They compromise on health, ancestry, nutrition, care of the litter, and hide relevant information about the puppy’s habits and temperament from buyers. Without adequate research, a dog lover can end up purchasing a Pomsky who has been weaned too early, suffers a genetic disease, or was badly trained by a neglectful handler.

Pomsky puppies are expensive and their demand is high. You will rarely find a Pomsky languishing at a shelter or available for adoption from a rescue group, unlike many pure-bred dogs. Since Pomsky breeders are relatively hard to find, you may have to travel some distance to locate a reliable and trustworthy professional. Begin with looking up your local listings for Pomsky breeders. Talk to your vet, dog trainer, and your acquaintances. Breeders need to regularly use veterinary services to gauge the health of their dogs, and most vets are well informed about who is specializing in which breed in their locality.

Once you have found a list of breeders, take some time, and visit them.  Ask to see their facilities and meet all the puppies, not just the one they want you to see. This will give you an idea of the care the puppies have received in the breeder’s hand. Talk to the breeder about your lifestyle and let them advice you on which puppy to adopt. They are experts in their field, and so long as they prove to be considerate and knowledgeable, they will not lead you astray.

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