The coat of a Pomeranian Husky mix is thick and multi-layered just like their parents’. Siberian Huskies have double coats to protect them from the harsh winters of the country of their origin, while Pomeranians have inherited the thick coats of their sled dog ancestors. Both these breeds are heavy shedders and require regular grooming. Unsurprisingly, Pomskies shed just as much as their parent breeds. They need to be brushed thoroughly at least once a week and must have their coat trimmed every two to three months. While dogs who spend a majority of their time outdoors will shed twice a year, indoor Pomskies will shed lightly throughout and heavily every spring.

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What causes shedding in Pomskies?

Do Pomskies ShedIn nature, exposure to sunlight and weather determines the growth and shedding of hair in dogs. When dogs spent most of their days outside, they sensed the lengthening of days after winter and shed their coat. As the temperature fell and nights grew longer, dogs grew their thick undercoats to protect themselves. Indoor pets today can’t sense the cold and the heat outside our temperature controlled homes. They still have the coat they inherited from their predecessors but no way to tell when to shed and when to thicken the protective layers. So, they shed lightly all year. It intensifies about once or twice a year, but remains a constant headache for pet owners throughout.

The undercoat of the Husky is soft and dense, while the topcoat is relatively coarse and straight. It not only provides warmth in winters, the coat reflects heat off the Siberian Husky’s body, keeping them comfortable in mild summers. The thick undercoat and long topcoat of a Pomeranian is similarly useful; however, the hair gets tangled without regular brushing and needs to be frequently trimmed.

The Pomsky cross breed is primarily an indoor pet, bred to be a family companion. Since the only exposure to the outside elements they get is on walks and trips to the dog park, they shed year-round. To keep your Pomsky from liberally molting all over the house, bathe him once a week and groom him while the hair is wet. A clean dog is also a healthier dog.

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